Players Management

We have created a network of international clubs, experienced FIFA licensed agents, universities, and
professional youth residential academies around the globe in order to help players to get their foot in
the door of an international soccer (football) environment.

We provide talented youth players with a guidance, assistance, trials, and placements in clubs,
universities, and youth academies around the world. Through our connection, we receive requests from
clubs and academies, and we help them to match our players with their programs.

If you would like to get an international soccer exposure, we can help you to secure a trial in Europe,
Brazil, or the United States. Using our knowledge and contacts of international clubs and agents, we
can place you at competitive levels based on your playing ability.
Read the story of Jarbas Mendes Ferreira, Brazilian Soccer
Network Player.

Jarbas Mendes Ferreira, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has developed amazing
skills during his early years by playing futsal in Brazil, just as many youngster do in
Brazil. By playing futsal at the very early age, he has also acquired the fundamentals
and understanding of the game of football. Those became practical when he
successfully tried out and earned a spot in division I club in Rio de Janeiro, Portuguesa
FC at the age of 11.
Jarbas possesses skills, talent, vision, and love for the game, and he is dreaming of becoming a professional
player just as any other boy of his age. Moreover, he has mastered his position as left full back with the ability to
move forward and become a goal scorer, very typical in the Brazilian style of soccer. Many Brazilian players, such as
Roberto Carlos are known for such ability.

His dream of becoming a professional soccer player has come even closer after Jarbas enrolled in the Brazilian
Soccer Network program. Roberto da Silva, the founder of Brazilian Soccer Network matched Jarbas soccer ability
with the vision and needs of Brad Friedel's Premier Soccer Academies in the United States.  

His dream of becoming a professional player has become even closer to reach as he was offered the opportunity to
live, train, and study in the first established residential soccer academy in the United States, founded by an
American goalkeeper playing at the EPL, Brad Friedel. Jarbas' dream of becoming a professional player continues
as he is preparing for his next step, a trial in Europe.
Click here to follow Jarbas and his dream of becoming a
professional soccer player

If you would like our assistance, please email us your resume, DVD and links (if you have any), and
dates and locations of your future tournaments and games. Our staff will follow your development,
progression, and games, and if appropriate, we will recommend you for a trial to one of our partner
residential clubs and academies located in Switzerland, Germany, England, and the United States.

To reach your full potential at trials, you may want to build your confidence level, become acquainted
with the youth professional environment and be evaluated by Brazilian professional youth coaches
before traveling to trials. We offer individual training at youth teams of Pro Clubs in Brazil.